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Key Values

The company has its own identity and its own life. This is reflected in the attitudes and values that lay the foundation for how our company interacts with its local environment, employees and owners.

The company’s owners have defined nine Frese core values and ‘game rules’ based on the “Frese spirit”. Seven of them date back to Børge and Johnni Frese. The last two have been added in 2021 with a view to striving for a culture that ensures Frese continues to grow and develop.

1.We keep our promises

2.We are responsible

3.We inform each other

4.We listen to each other

5.We speak our mind

6.We help each other

7.We are solution-oriented

8.We have high expectations for each other

9.We always do our best

We want this spirit to shine through in the workplace at our Group companies and in our interactions with our customers, distributors and partners.