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Our History

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Founded in 1944

Frese was founded over 70 years ago in 1944 when Børge Frese established a modest foundry in a basement in Slagelse, Denmark where the Frees head office and main manufacturing facilities are still located today.

Foundry Development

The foundry began producing small machined metal products for local customers however this soon expanded and the customer base covered the whole of Denmark. With an expanding customer base, the foundry began to produce products such as aluminium pots and pans, bronze candlesticks and door knockers.
During the early years, the foundry was extended several times, once to make space for a modest production of valves, where the company moulded and finished plug valves, drain valves and stop cocks. Development was rapid and as the years progressed, the company began to specialise in copper and steel alloys for industries such as shipbuilding and offshore.

Advanced Valve Production

During the 1960s, Frese invested heavily in a new venture – Advanced valve production machinery. This was the beginning of the success story behind the innovative automatic valves that Frese develops and produces today. To protect the innovative new valve technology, Frese registered and still holds world patents on key valve designs.

Frese Group

In 1989, Frese was divided into two separate companies forming the start of the Frese group. Frese Metal- og Stålstøberi A/S, a high-tech foundry and Frese A/S, focused on developing and producing dynamic balancing valves. The combination of these individual business areas provide a solid group structure that has the skills and collective knowledge base to develop and deliver the best fluid control and component solutions worldwide.

Global Reach

Since Frese was founded, the success of group has led to the development of a global network of specialist distributors, sales offices, partners and subsidiaries. Frese is currently represented in the majority of countries with subsidiary offices in China, UK, Germany and Turkey and sales offices in the Middle East, Australia and Europe.

Family Owned

Today, Frese continues the tradition of being a family-owned business, with Børge Frese’s grandchildren; Kim, Claus and Tina Frese all holding leading operational positions within the group.