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Frese OPTIMA Compact

Frese OPTIMA Compact

More Sizes, More Flow

Frese are pleased to announce the launch of the DN250 and DN300 OPTIMA Compact pressure independent control valves.

The pioneering Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV range is now available from sizes DN10 to DN300 covering flow rates up to 166.7 l/s (600,000 l/h) with a differential pressure operating range of up to 800 kPa, making them perfect for applications ranging from small terminal units to large plant equipment.

Pressure independent control valves combine the functions of flow, pressure and temperature control in one housing and the patented Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV is one of the most compact designs available. The combined functions of the OPTIMA Compact PICV replace the need for separate static balancing valves, differential pressure control valves and 2 port control valves simplifying the design and installation phases of a project. Whilst the dynamic balancing nature of the product also removes the need for proportional balancing, thus reducing the commissioning process.

“Frese have been developing dynamic balancing valves since 1988 and over the years we have continuously improved our designs to offer more features and benefits to our customers whilst also looking at ways in which our solutions can improve the efficiency of systems” comments Andrew Pender, Internal Sales & Marketing Manager at Frese.

“One such development is the patented design of our Frese OPTIMA Compact that ensures that the pre-setting of the flow has no impact on the modulating stroke, in other words, it provides full stroke modulating control at all times, regardless of the pre-set flow position. However the major benefit of using the Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV in heating or cooling systems is the ability to reduce pump energy consumption by up to 35% compared to traditional balancing methods. This saving is achieved through maximising Delta T and improving system stability, which supports our aim to provide efficient indoor climate control solutions for buildings” he continues.

The Frese OPTIMA Compact range is available from DN10 to DN50 with male/male or female/female threaded connections and from DN50 to DN300 with flanged connections. The range is supplied with a variety of actuators including thermic on/off and modulating, motoric modulating and failsafe versions.

See how it works - visit the online interactive animation here

Frese OPTIMA Compact DN300