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Video - Reduce noise with Dynamic Balancing Valves

Did you know that one static balancing valve makes the same amount of noise as eight of Frese’s Dynamic Balancing Valves?

We tested one of Frese’s dynamic balancing valves against a static balancing valve under the exact same conditions using a sound level meter.

Both valves were DN15 with a flow of 500 l/h and a differential pressure across the valve of 200 kPa. The background noise in the room was approximately 32 dBA.

While the noise level of the static valve was 57 dBA, the dynamic balancing valve produced only 48 dBA.

Since the decibel scale is nonlinear, our measurements and calculations show that the noise from one static valve equals that from eight dynamic balancing valves at identical flows and differential pressure.

So along with the advantages from energy savings, commissioning time and CO2 reduction, dynamic balancing valves are also a far better choice for noise reduction.

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