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COMBIFLOW 6-Way with Multi Rotary Actuator ready for market

A year ago, we launched the world’s first dynamic 6-way valve. Since then, our R&D department has been working on ways to make this innovative solution even better for our customers.

COMBIFLOW 6-Way is Frese’s way of reducing some of the complexity in 4-pipe heating and cooling systems by minimizing the number of valve components.

Where it would usually require two valves, two actuators, a control box and complicated wiring to achieve all the benefits of a dynamic system, we have integrated the differential pressure controller in the valve. This means that you need only one valve, one actuator, and one data point to the building’s BMS or the ship’s control system.

New Multi Rotary Actuator and low flow

Frese will deliver the COMBIFLOW 6-Way with a Multi Rotary Actuator capable of operating with four different control signals: 0-10V and 4-20mA, which makes it ideal for marine use, as well as BACnet and Modbus communication protocols, which enable complete insight and remote control via BMS.

By designing the COMBIFLOW 6-Way to cover a wide flow range, Frese has simplified the selection process, since a limited product range can cover a wide variety of needs. An extremely high flow capability in the original valve made it possible to downsize the valve dimension, further contributing to the valve’s compact design. Additionally, Frese is now launching a low flow DN15 version, which ensures better control of the comparatively low heating flows.

Time tested energy savings

All the energy saving capabilities of our patented OPTIMA Compact are also found in the new 6-way solution. Additionally, the COMBIFLOW 6-Way has shown the lowest pressure loss known in the market, resulting in significant pump energy savings.