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Dynamic balancing - is it a kind of magic?

Morten Moller, Business Development Director at Frese explains the common sense behind the magic of dynamic balancing.

In typical Marine and Offshore Heating and Cooling applications, the control valves are dimensioned based on conditions at full load, consequently the valves are selected based on the differential pressure at full load.

At part load conditions the pressure is constantly increasing and decreasing, as control valves open and close and the pumps react towards the constantly changing system characteristics. This concludes that the valves are facing pressure not corresponding to the initial system design pressure at full load which again results in a constantly changing performance of the system and a lack of valve authority thus not providing the user full control of the system at all times.

The question is now “Do you want to have control of your application – or do you want the application to have control over you?” The answer is easy.

The Frese range of Dynamic Balancing Valves, which includes Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) and Flow Limiting Valves will at all times ensure you that you have control of the system. At the same time, our dynamic balancing valves offer a huge variety of additional benefits including the following, to name a few:

The dynamic technology allows you to control the pressure over the valve at all times giving you full control and full valve authority. Frese has been successfully doing this for over 27 years - “It is not Magic – its common Sense”

Morten Moller - Business Development Director