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Dynamic in all environments

Dynamic balancing is an innovative alternative to traditional hydronic balancing methods that use static balancing valves.

A system with dynamic balancing valves provides efficient and accurate flow and differential pressure control ensuring the design flow conditions are achieved at all times irrespective of pressure fluctuations in the system at part load conditions.

Dynamic balancing valves offer many advantages over traditional, static balancing valves including simplified system design, ease of selection, system flexibility and a minimised commissioning process. In addition, dynamic balancing offers significant energy saving benefits as a result of the elimination of overflows in the system.

The Alpha HCR (Highly Corrosive Resistance) Valve can be utilized in a huge variety of applications handeling media such as Seawater and water with aggressive additives. The Frese HCR range of valves come in materials such as Nickle Aluminium Bronze, Stainless Steel & Super Duplex in oder to fullfill the demands in the Global Marine & Process industry.

The ALPHA HCR Wafer works independently therefore it can be installed in either single or multiple parallel distribution lines. Furthermore, the independent nature of the valve provides total system flexibility with no re-commissioning required should the system be extended. In addition, it is also possible to use back flush processes with the ALPHA HCR dynamic balancing valve if necessary.