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Frese ALPHA HCR Grooved End

Flow Limiting Valve

The Frese ALPHA HCR (High Corrosion Resistant) Grooved End Valves are particularly designed and manufactured for automatic balancing in Marine, Industrial, Oil and Gas applications.

The Frese ALPHA HCR Cartridges - the third generation cartridges - are an integral part of the Frese ALPHA HCR Valve limiting the flow at the specified level even under fluctuating pressure conditions.

The patented design of these cartridges introduces a interchangeable orifice plate for design flexibility and a resistant diaphragm for high accuracy operation.

The high quality alloy ensures a long lifecycle and low maintenance in arduous applications such as seawater.

Available in sizes DN100, DN150 and DN200, Frese ALPHA HCR valve guarantees the hydraulic balance of the system regardless pressure fluctuations.