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News 2009

8.12.2009 | Dynamic regulation of London’s tallest building
Designed by renowned architects Kohn Pederson Fox, Heron Tower will provide world class office space, setting the standards for offices of the future. Its design is both visionary and innovative.
23.9.2009 | Frese Eurasia – spearhead into Asia and Russia
The joint venture opens new market opportunities for Frese, as ISIK has a strong position in Turkey and increasingly in Russia. Frese has been active in Turkey for 10 years.
23.9.2009 | Dynamic valves are good for the global climate
Both cooling and heating systems require that the system has as large a ΔT as possible.
23.9.2009 | Middle East follows green buildings movement
"The Green Buildings Movement" has hit the Middle East region with massive impact.