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Exhibitions 2019

We are very excited to show you what we have planned and hope to see you at one of the exhibitions in 2019.

We will be showcasing our range of products and exciting news at the following exhibitions:

Balance the system

At our stand at the ISH and VVS exhibition you can try to balance the system in our digital balancing game. Give it a try and participate in winning an iPad.

IoT – Remote Flow Control as a Service

Come and explore our new developments within the IoT space, solutions aimed at achieving energy optimizations and better control in particularly District Energy networks, applications include:

75 years

This year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary. At our stand you can travel back in history and experience the development of our foundry and the beginning of the success story behind the innovative dynamic valves.

Read more about the 75th anniversary.

We look forward to hopefully meeting you at one of the exhibitions.