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Frese MODBUS System

Frese MODBUS System provides a complete package solution for Modbus enabled dynamic valves in the Marine market

Frese’s quest for simplified and compact digital valve solutions continues with Modbus enabling for the full range of the well-known Frese OPTIMA Compact.

Frese MODBUS System consists of a universal Modbus converter box, which connects our dynamic balancing valves with the onboard central management system.

The converter box can operate two actuators as well as two active sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 or any other parameter. This minimizes the required cabling of the Modbus daisy-chain, making it perfect for the marine sector where space is a central issue.

Simplifying complex systems is always a main goal for Frese, and this system is no exception. All components are built with easy installation in mind. Cabling between converter box, actuator and sensors is made easy and flawless with prefabricated cables with standard M8 and M12 connectors, and the converter box can be placed in a convenient location.

Frese MODBUS system allows the customer to operate all valve sizes in one Modbus communications protocol, thus simplifying the digital installation process.

With just one converter box and one Modbus protocol for all our valves this truly is a one-stop solution for the marine market

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