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We have combined our existing 6-way valve technology with our patented PICV technology in one compact, all-in-one solution; COMBIFLOW 6-way

With the COMBIFLOW 6-way solution, you need only one valve and one actuator to achieve complete pressure independent balancing and control

This solution - which is a world’s first - allows our customers to reduce some of the complexity in 4-pipe heating and cooling systems by minimizing the number of required valve components.

By integrating the differential pressure controller in the valve, you have fewer connection points, which minimizes potential leakage problems, and with just one actuator you only need one data point to the building’s BMS.

COMBIFLOW 6-way is designed to cover a wide flow range. This simplifies the selection process, since a limited product range can cover a wide variety of needs. In addition, an extremely high flow capability has made it possible to downsize the valve dimension, further contributing to the valve’s compact design.

The energy saving capabilities of our patented OPTIMA Compact will also be found in the new 6-way solution. Additionally, the COMBIFLOW 6-way has shown the lowest pressure loss known in the market, resulting in significant pump energy savings.

4-pipe systems include:

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