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Frese OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN200 Frese OPTIMA Compact DN10-DN50

Color Hybrid

Color Line - Ulstein Shipyard, Norway

Project Overview and Details

Color Hybrid is the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ferry. It sails between Sandefjord, Norway and
Stømstad, Sweden and has full battery operation in and out of the fjord to Sandefjord inner
harbor. This means that the ship will not emit damaging greenhouse gasses, nitrogen and sulphur
compounds into the air, and the noise from the ship will be reduced considerably.

The ship has a capacity of 2,000 passengers and 500 cars. It is 160 meters long with a beam of 27,1
meters. Frese has been a part of the project from the beginning and has been working closely
with Fosen Yard with the design and implementation of the best and most sustainable solutions
possible as well as with Ulstein Group in all the project stages.


The task was to make the ship as eco-friendly as possible, which is why Frese has been chosen to
deliver different products to the ship – both below and above deck.


Frese has delivered a wide range of automatic, pressure independent balancing valves counting
the Frese OPTIMA Compact, Frese SIGMA Compact and Frese ALPHA HCR. The valves used above
deck are a part of the accommodations counting the central heating and chilled water systems.
Below deck Frese has delivered valves for the low temperature cooling water systems, chilled water
systems, battery cooling and waste heat recovery water system.

Color Hybrid