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Frese OMEGA Compact

12 LNG carriers

China National Offshore Oil Corporation

Project Overview and Details

The LNG carrier is a special ship for transporting liquefied natural gas at a low temperature of -162 ℃. Together with aircraft carriers and luxury cruise ships, it is known as the "pearl on the crown" of the world shipbuilding industry.

The maximum LNG loading capacity of the new LNG carrier is 174000 cubic meters, which will reach 108 million cubic meters of natural gas after vaporization. The 12 LNG carriers will be delivered from 2024 to 2027.

Using the world's most advanced main engine system and the latest cargo tank technology, the ship's fuel consumption can be significantly reduced, along with the resource transportation.

The carbon emissions are 15 years ahead of the requirements put forward by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Other emission indicators meet the most stringent international standards, and performance, environmental protection indicators and technical level are at the international leading level.


Frese will deliver 108 OMEGA Compact three-way rotary control valves in DN150 to DN400 for this fleet.

The OMEGA Compact is simple, accurate and reliable and can be used for lubricating oil cooling, cooling water systems or other large flow systems as a main temperature control valve.

The design of the valve, the near zero leakage rate, and the high Kv value provide industry-leading energy-saving efficiency.

The compact design allows the installation of valves in narrow spaces which are typical for marine installation environments. The valves for this project are equipped with pneumatic actuators but can also be delivered with electric actuators. Both versions feature a hand wheel for manual operation in case of power failure.